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Family Adventure Vacation

Planning a vacation with your family? How about going on an adventure trip this time? This Buzzle article brings some family adventure vacation ideas for you.

If you realize that it has been long since you have been on a holiday with your family, here’s something for you. If you and your family members are of the adventurous type, an adventure outing could be a good choice for your vacation. You might like to go hiking to someplace less visited, or engage in extreme sports. You might want to enjoy a forest trail and explore the wild, or go family camping by the riverside. The options are plenty. It’s you who makes the choice.


If hiking in the hilly regions and walking in the wilds is something you enjoy doing, go trekking. Weather conditions and topography must be taken into account before planning a trek. If you are a trekker, you will love to explore the Himalayan regions in India. The Andes in South America is another popular destination for trekking. Alaska’s autumn forests, the rainforests of Australia and Africa, and the Kilimanjaro range in Africa offer some of the top trekking destinations. The Ladakh range in India, High Sierra in California, Mount Kenya, and the Swiss Alps are some other tourist destinations that are largely visited by trekkers from around the world. There are several walking and climbing routes in Mount Kenya that are used by hikers coming on an adventure tour to this region. The Alps of Switzerland is one of the most-visited tourist spots in the world. Construction of tourist facilities such as hotels and mountain huts began in the mid-nineteenth century and the Swiss Alps became a popular choice for trekking.


Some enjoy sailing to marinas, which provide tourists with convenient docks and easy access to restaurants. Some prefer to visit sheltered bays and calm waters, while others may like to sail on a yacht to the high seas of Goa. If you enjoy nature’s company, you can choose to go sailing in the quiet river waters with your family, watching sea birds and enjoying the cool breeze. Some of you might like to cruise in the marinas, chatting with your dear ones over a glass of wine or engage in water sports to add a tinge of adventure to your sailing holiday. The Exumas in Bahamas, the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, the British Virgin Island, and the Caribbean waters offer some good tourist spots for an adventure vacation with the family.

Adventure Sports

Some of you might like to explore the coral reefs of Mauritius or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and discover the depths of the blue seas on a scuba diving or snorkeling vacation. If riding the waves is what you like, kitesurfing will provide you with that element of adventure. The white, sandy beaches of Hawaii, Tarifa, and Tenerife in Spain, and Boracay in Philippines offer some of the best kiteboarding destinations. Parasailing gives you a sense of freedom. For a bird’s-eye view of the ocean, you can visit parasailing destinations like Kerala and Goa.

River Rafting

Whitewater rafting originated way back in 1842 but became a popular sport only in the mid 1970s. Does this adventure sport interest you? If you would like to experience the thrills and chills of the white waters, go rafting on the deadly rapids. The white waters of River Ganges in the Himalayas, River Brahmaputra in Arunachal Pradesh, and the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon offer some of the world’s best destinations for rafting.

Adventure Travel Hot Air Balloons

Man has always envied birds for their ability to fly and soar high up in the sky. We all wish to spread our wings and be able to fly great distances, see new lands, and travel without much hassle. Even the early humans wished to fly, as has been depicted in the various cave paintings. Archimedes, the great mathematician from Ancient Greece, who understood and explained buoyancy, may also have had a dream of being able to invent a flying machine. The dream of being able to fly was shared by the 13th century English scientist Roger Bacon, and the German philosopher Albertus Magnus. Both men proposed hypothetical ideas of a flying machine, based on the principle where force could be applied to lift them upwards. Many great men chased their dream of flying, and eventually stumbled upon the invention of the hot air balloon. If you are wondering how this fabulous technology was invented, read on.
The Basic Idea
The ambition to fly was too overwhelming, and people seem to have toyed with the idea of creating flying machines, in history. Henry Cavendish, the British scientist, discovered hydrogen in 1766. He noted that it was the simplest and the lightest of all gases on earth. Cavendish, described hydrogen as a ‘negative weight’, as it was lighter than air, and this prompted him to propose the idea, that the gas could be used to lift objects from earth towards the sky. Cavendish would have been able to get another great invention credited to his name, had he pursued his idea of using hydrogen, in order to fly.
A Duck, a Sheep, a Chicken, and the Journey Begins
Two brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier ,who were into paper manufacturing business, toyed with the idea of flying. They developed a new kind of paper by combining silk and paper. Then, they burned the new paper, and found ashes rose up into the air. This phenomenon fascinated them, and what followed, earned them a name in history as the globe aérostatique or the inventors of the hot air balloon.

The brothers thought that the smoke had magical powers that helped the ashes rise in air. Thus, they decided to capture that smoke in small bags that would rise in the air. Finally, they figured out that even a large bag containing smoke, or the supposed ‘magic power’, could ascend into the sky. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that the heated air is less dense inside the balloon, and hence, the air outside the balloon helps it rise upwards.
The first flight of the air balloon was conducted at Annonay, France on June 5, 1783. It was made of linen and paper, and had a volume of about 23,303 cubic feet. Fire on the ground helped heat the air in the balloon. The first passengers of this historic flight were a sheep, a duck, and a chicken. The balloon flew one mile from the starting point, and was witnessed by King Louis XVI from the front of his palace. It was a successful flight, and none of the passengers suffered any injuries. Thus, began the journey of the hot air balloon.

The most exotic green tourist destinations in the world

In recent years, a rise in ecotourism has been observed the world over. These days, people look for exotic and green destinations to spend their vacations. In spite of rampant urbanization witnessed in the past few decades, there still are many places where you can spend some quality time in the green settings of nature. Green travel destinations are characterized by diversity in flora and fauna. Some of these places are declared as World Heritage Sites. They are given special status and extra protection because of their natural wealth. It also means that the tourists who travel to these protected ecosystems on earth need to show a sense of ‘Eco-consciousness’.
Green Travel Destinations Around the World
Ecotourism is promoted by most nations across the globe. The reason behind this, is that it serves the dual purpose of educating tourists about environmental conservation, and providing the local populations with some financial support through conservation activities.
Daintree Rainforest, Australia
Daintree rain forest

Australia’s Daintree is the oldest continually surviving rainforest in the world. This 135-million year old spectacle is characterized by mountain peaks and forests which have a thick cover of exotic plants. Daintree offers a unique combination of high humidity, high temperature, and rainfall throughout the year. Such kind of climate is suitable for the growth of tropical fruit trees. Situated in the coastal regions of north east Queensland, the Daintree rainforest has a total area of 1,200 sq. km. This rain-forest is part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland. The ‘Wet Tropics’ region was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988.
The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Galapagos islands

This place featured in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1978. The Galápagos Islands is an ecologically sensitive area, where conservation measures are strictly followed. Visitors to Galápagos National Park are accompanied by park rangers who make sure they don’t leave any sort of trace behind. Some of the species of wild animals which hold importance from the point of conservation are:

✦ Galápagos Land Iguana
✦ Blue-footed Booby
✦ Galápagos Penguin
✦ Galápagos Tortoise
✦ Waved Albatross
Tourism in Kenya revolves around wildlife safaris of the savannas. Kenya is gifted with great natural wealth, and is therefore a very popular travel destination. One of the interesting things about this equatorial country is that, here, you get to experience extreme climatic conditions. The snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya and savanna grasslands present a unique combination of extreme climatic conditions. Along with grasslands and mountains, the coastal regions of Kenya offer scenic natural beauty. The coral reefs of Malindi and its clear water beaches are excellent examples of Kenya’s natural wealth.

National Parks in Kenya

✦ Nairobi National Park
✦ Lake Nakuru National Park
✦ Amboseli National Park
✦ Kora National Park
✦ Mount Kenya National Park

These are the most popular national parks in Kenya. This country is home to some 50 national parks.

These Best Places to Visit in Tanzania

Quick Fact
Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania is the place where the oldest hominid fossils in the world have been found. It is located between the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park areas.
Home to the most awe-inspiring collection of wildlife, Tanzania―the largest East African country―comprises some of the most alluring destinations in the world. From mist-covered mountains to moss-covered ruins, and from dense forests to expansive grasslands and serene beaches, the country has it all. It is a land where the wild and exotic come together in a single package.

Despite being a melting pot of unique culture and traditions, the tale of Tanzania has been that of constant fight and struggle, first against slavery and colonialism, and then for economic survival. Nevertheless, it is the optimism of the local Tanzanians regarding their future that has led, amongst other things, to the development of international tourism in the country. We, at Buzzle, have compiled a list of some of the best places to visit in Tanzania, if you decide to spend your vacation there.

Ten Best Tanzanian Destinations
For a first-time visitor, Tanzania can actually turn out to be a package of dozens of unexpected and pleasant surprises. If you think what a poor country like Tanzania can offer you, you really need to do a bit of research. There are so many things to do here that you might run out of time and money, but the options will never cease. Here are some of the most popular and most-visited tourist spots in this country.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro
◈ Location: Kilimanjaro National Park, Kilimanjaro Region
◈ Best time to visit: From January to March and from June to October

Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant stratovolcano with its three volcanic cones―the Kibo, the Shira, and the Mawenzi―is unquestionably a trekker’s paradise. It boasts of being the highest mountain not only in Tanzania, but also in Africa. Moreover, it is also the largest freestanding mountain in the world. Situated about 5,895 m above sea level, it is relatively easy to climb than most other mountains, owing to which it attracts a large number of mountaineers and trekkers from all across the world.

◈ Things to do: Apart from trekking and climbing, Kilimanjaro offers much more to its visitors. This includes everything from wildlife tours to game drives to nature trails and bird watching. Tourists can even get an opportunity to explore the cultures of the indigenous tribes, residing in the slopes of the mountain.

◈ Staying there: There are a number of designated campsites on Mount Kilimanjaro for the people to stay. They can also set up their own camp for as long as they want, by paying a nominal fee to the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities.
Serengeti National Park
Serengeti national park
◈ Location: Serengeti ecosystem, Mara and Simiyu regions
◈ Best time to visit: All through the year